Chrome 68 today will now flag sites that are not using http with a new stronger warning.

Backers of http maintain that certificates are free, but we have only seen them for 90 days, Nobody has a 365 day one for free to coincide with the domain registration period.

There is nothing on this site particularly that needs http, all it does is add to the already impossible work load for webmasters everywhere.

Obviously commerce sites and banks need http but a gaming site seems like overkill. We have a certificate already installed so we are ready for what ever Chrome feels it needs.

We feel that pushing unneeded http certificates is not the best solution. It does noting for the ad blocking that Google imposes on us with  illegal infringing plug-ins and worse.

We have investigated setting up a job with our Linux VM to run a certificate authority as another job, maybe this VM can earn a few pesos along the way. X.509 is the standard for the certificate authority.