We were experiencing some problems with our database due to some problems with Linux VM. The VM was becoming unresponsive so we dumped the database and created a new one with a latest version of Linux.

It seems that some problems arose from using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and upgrading to 18.04 LTS  did not work as well as we hoped. At least the VM was not bricked and unbootable.

This new VM is hosted on new SSD service that Azure is now offering. It offers 64GB of storage for less than the old hard disk based A0 VM with only 30GB of storge. Azure has this for less cost which is even more appreciable.

The additional storage will allow the VM to handle a huge amount of content. 64GB is a vast amount of storage for a database and the high speed random access is ideal for quick response.

The web servers also use SSD to keep the CPU load down. WordPress is made up from several pieces so the CPU has to do several fetches to assemble a request.

Updates and reboots are faster on the new SSD based MySQL server. This will mean the site will be back up in under 45 seconds with a reboot. The old hard disk server tool almost 3 minutes.

We are aware that Azure has their new M series which are pure RAM based, Azure is positioning them for mainframe workloads. We have tested Hercules with MTS and zOS and it can run all mainframe applications after compiling them for the CPU architecture. IBM even supports Linux on their mainframes.