As you’d recall, ith Z390 s a re-branding of the Z370 Express with a stronger reference CPU VRM design, to cope with overclocking Intel’s upcoming flagship  8-core Whiskey Lake processors better.

Speculation is rampant and we prefer to wait until a product photo surfaces. The Asus motherboard is only one of many they are expected to have in their catalog as the Z390 takes over from Z370 platforms.

Asus has seen a lot of competition so they are responding with a wide range of motherboard models for enthusiasts to consider. The main models will be the Z390 Maximus Z390 XI, the Z390 Strix, Z390 Prime, Z390 TUF and Z390 Dragon. Variations on these will make up the complete Z390 series.

We feel that having 19 different Z390 motherboards is overkill. Realistically one for single card setups, one for dual card setups and maybe one deluxe one for a feature rich setup.

Asus Strix Z370-F Gaming motherboard
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