According to Google’s Analytics, traffic is literally more than double since we upgraded the database to a SSD. For SEO purposes, this result tells us that a SSD is now mandatory for a web server.

The page load time on the site is much faster as WordPress is very lean and mean and with the fast access of a SSD its clearly the way forward.

Content on the site is vast which gives Google a lot of material to add to their tables. Google has to use SSD drives as well as their vast databases need very rapid seeks.

While Google is the most well known in the English speaking world, we get more traffic from Asian search engines this year for the first time. WordPress is easy to translate which makes this site a truly global force.

We have long had a significant amount of traffic from India that rivals the US. Chinese tech sites are abundant and we are finding more and more referrals to our posts lately.  90% of Chinese internet users are mobile and that is one of the main motivations for the proportional theme used here. Mobile streaming is restricted as well.

We also have noted that more direct traffic comes here from users. It has taken a lot of hard work to get there but now Hardcore Games is a respectable site with a regular following.

With the growing amount of traffic we had to add more memory to the web server to handle more users at once. With 2GB of memory there is enough room for over 25 users at once. Servers need one instance of IIS/Apache per HTTP GET so it can be loaded and unloaded a lot with a busy server.

Azure has larger G series servers available if needed which have up to 32 virtual cores and up to 448GB of RAM so no worries about traffic growth. G series are targeted for extreme databases etc.  Realistically a WordPress site will not likely ever need such an extreme server.

Azure Storage is not an issue with PB of storage which would benefit Steam for game delivery servers etc. With users posting images galore daily, Steam may need to add a few TB here and there.

With vast amounts of content,a domain, a certificate and a fast page load time. Google and other search engines like us a lot. Our users love this site too.