Asus is providing a free regulator fan for those who need one for the socket TR4 platform and the new AMD Threadripper 250W processors.

The kits include a fan bracket that lets you strap a 40 mm fan onto your CPU VRM heatsink, and a so-called “SoC heatsink,” designed to cool the SoC power phase MOSFETs (which now have to cope with the load of four SoC dies).

The kit will neither be included with current or upcoming inventories of unsold X399 motherboards by ASUS.

We use a Corsair 300R chassis which has a 120mm fan pulling air out of the regulator area. This seems to work well without the need for an additional fan.

Water cooling assemblies on the top of larger EATX chassis have rear fans installed in addition to the top counted cooler. This type of configuration will also handle TR4 TDP loads easily.

Customers who need it should contact their local Asus office. Once they verify ownership, they will send the appropriate kit for the X399 motherboard model.

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