At present mobile phones with 64GB are now very mainstream. 128GB phones are quickly moving to mainstream as well. Market saturation suggests H2-2108 will be flat year over year at best.

SSD sales for data centers has been the most lucrative but even this market has started to level off as servers are retrofitted or replaced.

Due to the lower price of NAND, the capacity of smartphones is getting larger and larger. The capacity of flagship mobile phones is increasing to 256GB/512GB, and the mid-range machines are also changing from 32/64GB to 64/128GB. 

This year’s notebook SSD adaptation rate will exceed 50%, that is, half of the notebooks will be equipped with SSD hard drives, and the mainstream capacity will be increased to 256GB, which is expected to increase to 512GB in the next 2-3.

Laptop machines are not so seasonal and SSD drives are now becoming more mainstream. The lower cost 1TB hard disk continues to saturate the low end of the market.

64-payer and 72-layer flash are currently being mass produced and SATA drives for older laptops have continued to increase in capacity making them competitive with hard disk capacity for upgrades.

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