Today, it is reported that TSMC’s 8-inch and 12-inch fabs have been attacked by viruses, causing the production line to shut down, causing wafers on the production line to be scrapped.

The TSMC official statement confirmed the encounter with the virus, but denied that it was a hacker attack, and the specific loss situation is still under understanding.

According to various media reports, the virus-affected is the overhead gantry crane system of the TSMC production workshop.

These systems are supplied by Japanese suppliers Murata and Taifook. Due to virus attacks, the production line has been discontinued. The main impact is The wafer 12 plant of Hsinchu Science Park, the wafer 15 plant of Zhongke and the wafer 14 plant of Nanke involve two 8-inch fabs and three 12-inch fabs.

It’s not known how long it will take TSMC to clean up their systems. TSMC makes about 60% of the world’s wafers.  TSMC is usually very quick to fix problems.

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