We have noticed a larger amount of traffic from Asian sources. It seems that we are being cited more often on forums and websites with news about mostly hardware.

The Chinese portal has been slowly crawling the site. We are not sure how good the site is for translating English to Mandarin Chinese. Google translate can manage bit there is much room for improvement. is part of the conglomerate.

It seems that some shared links attracted enough traffic to top the active list with Google’s tracking. WordPress can be easily translated which is probably the reason for the sharing of links.

Regulars will know we report a lot of news on CPU products from AMD and Intel. More focus on security problems is mostly focused on motivating using the latest version of Windows 10. Even 1803 accepts Windows 7 and Windows 8 keys fine.

We use a lot of services to being content to the site, We also noticed that organic traffic from Google has continued to get over and above the other sources.

China still firewalls web traffic which protects the domestic industry. We have noticed gaming is still not as big as the so-called western market but it is growing. 90% of China uses mobile phones which is why we mention games galore that are on iOS and Android.

Desktop gaming is more expensive than a low cost Android solution. Wage growth in China is slowly changing the society to a more urban one but apartments are smallish. This means gaming laptops are more likely the best solution for urban living.

Many Asian sites according to Alexa are ranked more poorly than the traffic would suggest. We have not been able to identify what Amazon wants from a given niche and Alexa is as much of a question mark.

One headache in China is that there is a long standing government shakeup that has taken months already and so far its far from being completed. Nothing in the media yet which is problem why many are coming here.

Tencent’s racing game “QQ Flying Rider” and the shooting game “Jesus Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield” are leading in their respective game categories, and drive the growth of the number of players in the relevant categories.  Tencent is also investing heaving in video in addition to gaming. Mobile payments is a growing area too.

Media is dominingated mostly by the ongoing trade remarks which does not impact gaming much. Gaming is long been globalized with players all over the planet.

India has been the biggest growth story so far. Traffic from India is now rivalling the US. India is slightly better off with desktops for gaming compared to China. With over 1 billion in India the prospect for more game players is very good indeed.

Our simplistic page views model is hampered by vast numbers of adblock users. Countermeasures are stronger in the face of a browser that strips ands for different ones.

So far the Brave browser is  blocked 100% and not even a single bit of content is delivered. The plug-in model works well in WordPress and we are considering publishing it for others to use.

japan is the home of animated entertainment that features scantily clad  females. So we have a GIf in that spirit with a battery charger to add amusement to the dance. This graphics has definitely put a new level of snicker into graphics arts.