Pictures of various smaller brands of video cards such as Gainward and Palit RTX 2080 Ti are floating around some websites and forums in asia. We bring this to our readers as a courtesy.

The card has a old style SLI connector while the NVIDIA GTX 2080 Ti reference card has the NVLINK. This suggests a doctored card typical of the counterfeit video cards we have reported here previously. We first encountered fake Vamery cards which sadly stung a lot of consumers.

We are present this post to show that fakes are becoming pervasive. We use the same techniques as any hard nosed investigative journalist to being you the latest facts. We check facts and when so many fakes are present it scares us deeply.

Legitimate board makers are also hurt as consumers fear brands when fakes are identified. We can imagine the management of Gainward and Palit are both going bald prematurely from pulling their hair out so much.

We have seen many video cards with modified ROMs which make them superficially appear to be one model but are actually an older obsolete and worthless card.

The top right photo was copied from Alibaba and took months before the fake was removed. God knows how many were defrauded by the fake.

So now we see the latest RTX 2080 Ti and fakes are popping up already.

The old caveat emptor still applies today as much as it did back in Roman times.

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