The Vaskey V900 240GB is a M.2 SATA SSD. The MSRP for the older V800 is ¥199 plus shipping but they have not updated their website in years.

  • V900 series
  • M.2 2280 Standard SSD
  • NGFF/SATA Protocol
  • MLC Memory Components
  • 2258XT Chipset featuring Super Solid Quality
  • 240 GB
  • up to 480 MB/s read and write
  • 1,000,000 hours MTBF

Vaskey is not well known in the western markets, they are a smaller Chinese manufacturer who has been more focused on the domestic market. Slowly some online vendors are starting to offer the SSD products with NewEgg and Amazon.

The earlier V800 line has been around for several years, now the new V900 series have been developer which provides better performance with newer machines. Most M.2 2280 SSD are NVMe but some older machines use SATA for their storage. Vaskey is largely focused on the entry level laptop market. The new V900 SSD is surprisingly fast.

Performance is typical for a SATA device, there no surprises with the M.2 variant which delivers similar fast boot times for Windows etc. The Vaskey V900 fits the M.2 slot on entry level AM4 motherboards so it can be used for a system SSD if desired. Most AM4 motherboard are keyed to handle both SATA and NVMe SSD products.

Socket AM4 motherboards are 100% compatible with the Vaskey V900. Tested on B350, X470 and X470 and compatible with all machines.