CMD 2048

CMD 2048 was released on August 30, 2018 by Tero Lunkka. The game was developed by Ruskija Game Experience. CMD 2048 is a DOS puzzle game.

Always wanted to feel like a programmer or just bored at work, but your computer is only good for playing Minesweeper? Then this game is for you!

Meet CMD 2048 – a modern model of minimalism, refuting any need for highly polygonal models and combining the fascinating mechanics of a puzzle that has become so popular made with the creative design of the end of the last century. This game will steal you from the paws of everyday routine, leaving behind purely positive emotions, and it will also increase the level of your intelligence (+200 IQ).


Operating SystemWindows 7 or better
CPUIntel Pentium or better
Memory2 GB or more
Hard Drive Space2.83 GB
Graphics HardwareHD 3000 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

System requirements are very easy, it will run on even my old Lenovo X220 laptop.