Hard disks have continued to fall. New 14TB disks are now more widely available at about $500 depending on the models. Lower capacity disks are widely available at lower average selling points down to 1TB which is now the bottom of the market.

The average selling price for 2TB laptop hard disks has fallen to around $60 making them popular for backups and secondary media libraries.

The big story continues to be with SSD prices which have seen the bottom fall out for 120GB drives. Prices of under $40 are now common. 240GB prices have also fallen considerably and pressure on larger capacity models is bringing them into the mainstream.

SSD prices have really pressured the low end for hard disks.

Intel’s memristor which is marketed as Optane has remained higher in price but we suspect that Intel is considering adding the product to motherboard slots beside DRAM. Optane is persistent memory which makes it more interesting for consumer machines, Optane does not depend on a transistor so its potentially smaller than DRAM.

DRAM prices have been high but new factories should provide more stability in supply as mobile phones continue to demands more memory, 4GB memory is now the low end at around $20-$30 a stick and 8GB is still more than double the price of 4GB. 16GB DRAM is outright expensive. We suggest 4x 4GB for a desktops is enough until prices soften more.

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