open frame atx chassis

There are several open frame ATX chassis units in the market. The advantage of the open frame for hardware reviews is obvious.

  • ATX standard, 9 screw support
  • 6-32 taps for hard disk
  • M.3 taps for SATA SSD
  • reinforced rear bracket
  • Standard ATX PSU
  • 0.8mm steel, eltro painted

The modular power supply comes into its own with the open frame design. Some models of open frame are rather filmsey while there are others with thicker metal and a triangular reinforcement to the upright panel.

The advantage with a standard ATX chassis is the ability to easily swap CPU, RAM and SSD for review purposes.

The motherboard can easily be removed when necessary such as when damaged from RAM testing etc. Generally RAM can be sapped at least 5 times without serious problems. M.2 SSD seem to be able to be swapped much more frequently.

A test machine does not need a high power PSU, This is primarily due to the M.2 SSD being adequate for a boot drive. RAM testing with an open chassis is much easier. With AM4 and integrated graphics the testing does not even require a graphics card to be installed.

The easy access to the I/O shield mean a USB stick is easily inserted to install Windows on the M.2 SSD if required.