We have been looking at the R3 2400G CPU for the MSI B350 Bazooka motherboard we have available. The R3 2400G runs at 3.6 GHz which is fast enough but we also looked at other processors with more cores. The R3 2400G is a very affordable $129 and uses only 65W max.

The more expensive R7 1700 is 8 cores and 16 threads which can help with heavy workloads but the core speeds are a bit slower. The newer R7 2700 is a few pesos more and it has a bit faster base clock.

We discovered that Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge processors can use DDR4-3000 which means that main memory bandwidth will be fairly good. The price for DDR4 have softened now that digital coins have collapsed.

The Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge processors all work on the MSI B350 motherboard so we are now better positioned or understanding how to take the best advantage possible.

We are looking at a set of 4x 8192 MB DDR4-3000 which we expect to cost about $300 Canadian. This will provide 32GB of memory which will run Windows 10 very well. It’s also barely enough memory to handle any current video card which now reach 16GB of VRAM. We are using more modest video cards with 2048 MB or 3072 MB VRAM which is all that is needed for 1920×1080 gaming.

We have seen that DDR4-3000 16384 MB memory is available at $130 Canadian per stick. Using this capacity would provide 64GB of main memory which would be overkill but the performance for Windows would be excellent. Windows 10 is designed to use RAM if it is available. 64GB is now about $520 which is far better than it was 12 months ago.

Most likely a BIOS update would be needed to handle the vast amounts of RAM possible now.

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