We often review free to play games as we can actually download these games and try them out. This allows us to make screenshots and actually look closely at gameplay.

Free to play has been a growing segment as publishers also like that their games are more easily reviewed.

So we recently noticed an adult commercial game at the top of the list on the free to play list on Steam.

Dream Girls VR is a virtual reality game that offers nudity and sexuality. Why is the game being offered in the free to play when its not? This suggests somebody has been abusing the listing tags and wants to sell more copies of their game.

Recently Steam has been more amenable to adult oriented titles. Now  VR stip show is up for sale. Did not take long at all for something like this to surface at all.

We made this screenshot so everyone can see what Steam is offering.

not all are free to play

Free to play is not 19.79 which shows how abuses are pervasive. While not quite as bad as fake video cards on eBay it’s not that far off.