Sandisk Cruzer CZ59 U-Clip 32GB

We grabbed some cheap Sandisk Cruzer CZ59 U-Clip 32GB USB sticks for 10 beleaguered peos (Canadian dollars) each. We bought 3, one in each of 3 colors available.

Given the loss of our Transcend 128GB it was time to leverage the Canadian Boxing Day tradition. We find it handy to have several USB sticks.

We use USB sticks mostly for installing Windows 10. We also use one with drivers for out machines which is faster than other solutions.

We also use USB sticks for games so we can install them on other machines for testing. 32GB sticks can handle most games but we also use larger capacity ones for various purposes.

Sandisk are fairly reliable, but we recommend copying the contents to a hard disk regularly if you are using them for school work etc. This way if it is lost or damaged there will be no worries.

Sandisk has smaller sized USB storage but these are perfect., The bright color also attracts attention so they are noticed when using a library computer etc, The CZ33 are so tiny as to be hard to remove.

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