We have spend a lot of time looking over eBay, Amazon, TigerDirect and others for video cards. Today on eBay we saw several lots with bundles of 10 or more used high end cards from digital coin enthusiasts who are liquidating. Digital coins are in a bear market and prices have fallen significantly.

New cards are  generally sold individually so trying to sell lots of cards with digital coin prices where they are is making a mess of the whole sector.

See the RX 460 and RX 470 price cuts. So what is a 2 year old abused card really worth? RX 460 2GB new $99. Bit more for the 4GB version. RX 470 was more due to the much stronger logic but again what it a 2 year old abused card  worth.

We sometimes buy used cards which we can use in refurbishing of machines. Video cards generally last a long time so even cards used for coin mining should work fine. Mining cards may have a custom VBIOS that will requiring reflashing to OEM specs and TechPowerup has almost every ROM known.

Shipping costs are another problem that makes second hand cards even harder to sell vs new cards. Lower cost options are not likely in light of the issues in shipping generally.

We cannot be sure how long the correction in the video card market will last.  So many cards were sold to digital coin enthusiasts that it may be 36 months or more before a equilibrium is restored. The market for high-end cards is rather small compared to the market for the bottom of line cards. This is the main reason for the bearish market.

We suspect video card sales will be frustrated for many on eBay as demand for cards is not the large. Vast numbers of cards are unsold as starting prices are far above fair market. Who wants a HD 5450 when a RX 460 is vastly more powerful.

We have a few µATX chassis which makes it a tight squeeze for video cards. We have a GTX 750 which is 7 inches long so we are aware of how well it fits. The RX 470 is known to be about 9 inches long which can impact hard disk placement.


We have been following the Vega 64 card which has 8GB of HBM2 memory. The card launched at $400 but the average selling price has risen due to digital coins and it still has not softened. With digital coins falling in value we expect prices to soften through 2019.

The Vega 64 has 64 compute units which is double the RX 470 with 32. Some versions of the Vega 64 can peak at 400W which is why we used 850W power supplies to handle the demands.


We also ran into some possibly counterfeit GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 cards. We have inquired and we will post an new article if the suspicions are held.

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