AMD has announced their new Radeon 7 GPU will be available on February 7, 2019. At the CES AMD showed a few benchmarks with the Radeon 7 card able to beat the RTX 2080 card from rival nVidia.

The flagship card is launching at $699 for a 3 fan high-end card with 16GB of HBM2 memory. Lower priced models will likely be available laster in the year. Competition at the high-end is very fierce even though few cards are sold in practice compared to the entry level cards.

We presently are using a RX 470 card for play testing as we use a 1920×1080 panel which is much more mainstream. While 4K panels are falling in price, respectable IPS panels are still rather pricey. Even 2560×1440 panels are a hefty premium compared to 1920×1080 displays.

The new lineup will likely provide a card with the performance of the RX 470 which uses about 120W of power and the new cards will offer a similar level of performance at half the power load. We have often accused video cards as being power pigs and we feel justified when a card uses 267W of power like out old HD 6970 does.

CPU power has improved mostly due to the simple architecture. Graphics cards are more complex which makes design more difficult.

As 2019 unfolds we will provide more news as it comes in.

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