Grabbed more USB 3.1 SATA cables for the studio. While the existing cables are working fine having some additional cables is handy when copying disks for laptop upgrades. The old cables are black but the new cables have a blue SATA connector which is the same as the de facto USB 3.1 colors.

The USB-SS markings show the cable is designed for USB 3.1 at 5 gigabit speeds with an effective speed of 500 MB/s which is adequate for saturating SATA performance limits. USB 3.1 Type-A are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible.

USB boxes for SSD are all over the dial mostly because the formats vary so widely. SATA is the most common but some laptops use mSATA which are smaller and can be fitted on the motherboard leaving the drive bay vacant. M.2 SSD boxes need to handle SATA and NVMe variants.

By using a par of USB cables makes it trivial to copy storage devices. The speed of USB 3.0 is fast enough to handle even SSD performance easily. Over time hard disks gave way to SATA SSD, which have now seen a cycle of capacity upgrades. With multiple cables a cloning job is extremely quick.

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