I never was emailed or contacted in anyway but Microsoft began pestering me over the old payment card which I no longer have. My credit has been trashed since 2015 and it seems that it never gets better.

Then after several message from Microsoft that the credit card on file was expired, obviously. I contacted help and support to ask what was going on.

Evidently after 9 years of services Microsoft elected to destroy a decade of hard work.

The entire portfolio of websites has been stopped and are now deallocated.

Hardcore Games has several thousands articles which are now lost. The site was receiving about 12-15,000 page views per month.

Evidently the efforts to migrate to a new account which failed is what triggered this nonsense. I downloaded Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition and this was assigned to the new account as the old account continues to be banned.

I was intending to use Visual Studio to work on some game assets I had developed some years ago. I have a sudoku generator and a sudoku solver which I was considering to make into an online game.

Without MSDN I was unable to read manuals so I have abandoned the game development and no longer even use Visual Studio at all anymore.

So now my entire database has been locked so I cannot even migrate to another host. All from an effort to get around a moderator who hates vegans.

The move by Azure amounts to a second count of fraud after they trashed my eBay store back in 2015. I do not have much income and Microsoft wanted several thousand dollars

So now again my credit is trashed and modest income from my portfolio of sites is now completely lost.

I am hopeful that a resolution can be reached but as time goes by with Azure support it is becoming clear that litigation may be the only way to recover my assets and intellectual property. I have run out of options and ongong abuses from Microsoft has no regard for right and wrong.

Here is a list of the sites affected: All sites now show HTTP 403 Stopped.

The value of a couple of decades of work will definitely see Microsoft endure some serious consequences if the site content is lost.

Been considering merging the Azure Guru and Linux Guru sites into Hardcore Games as Windows 10 1803 and above now can open Linux files etc so having a virtual machine is not the headache it used to be.

SAMBA is a Linux package that can allow Linux to be a file server for Windows clients but it is based on Linux accounts and it does not integrate with Active Directory etc. SAMBA makes it easy to update websites live when new content is posted.


I am now speculating that my situation was disrupted by the download of the free version and activating Visual Studio 2017 which triggered some sort of change. I have a new machine so I have enough storage to use development tools.

More recently Visual Studio 2019 has been released and it also seems to be related to changes in policies. It also wants activation even for the free version.

In any event I speculate that Visual Studio is using activation to stop unlicensed use of software.

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