When we assembled our new machine for 2019 we selected parts of more modest means. We had an existing GTX 1060 and a Corsair AX860i power supply. This eliminated the need for some new parts.

  • MSI M350M $89+tax
  • Intel 660p SSD $99+tax
  • R5 2400G $179+tax
  • 24GB DDR4 $199+tax
  • Chassis $99+tax

The total cast was around $700 Canadian after taxes. The AX860i is still $289 US and the GTX 1060 is $224 US which adds to the real cost of the unit.

According to Steam, the GTX 1060 is presently the most popular video card amongst gaming enthusiasts. The GTX 1060 is DX12 feature 12.1 capable so it can handle any game requirements.

Our R5 2400G is 4 cores and 8 threads and according to CPU-Z we are well ahead of the curve. Many on Steam presently still have 1 core while more than 50% have 2 cores.

According to Steam, we have about double the memory of the majority of enthusiasts. One of the main motivations is the amount of memory used by various software packages. Having more memory seems to be a growing trend with games. More and more are wanting 16GB.

The low cost MSI B350M Bazooka has a single M.2 slot. Full ATX motherboards often have dual M.2 slots which can allow for a pair of PCI Express SSD to be used. SSD prices have fallen considerably over the last 5 years and we expect the trend to continue.

We are considering a better motherboard once the next series of AMD Ryzen processors launches later this year. We have seen many motherboards with several PCIe x1 slots which are useful for Wi-Fi cards, SATA cards and USB cards etc. Motherboards are available in many different configurations for every conceivable requirement.

For a respectable box even the Intel Pentium can handle a video card. The more expensive processors are a better choice which is where AMD has some better deals. You need at last 8GB of memory and the cost of a good video card can be more than most can afford which is why we review lots of games with low graphics requirements. Used video cards have come down hard with the demise of the digital coin bubble.

The low cost MSI B350M Bazooka with a lower cost Athlon 200GE processor with Vega 3 graphics is a more common choice. We simply could afford the better R5 2400G processor with the Vega 11 graphics.

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