Crytek has been busy with their engine hoping to capture a developer’s eye with the new CryEngine 5.5. Using an AMD Vega 56 card they demonstrated some nice reflective surfaces but the reflections are still not quite as realistic as we would like.

Total Illumination used to create the demo is both API and hardware agnostic, enabling ray tracing to run on most mainstream, contemporary AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. However, the future integration of this new CRYENGINE technology will be optimized to benefit from performance enhancements delivered by the latest generation of graphics cards and supported APIs like Vulkan and DX12.

More work on absorption of color is needed to make the imagery better looking but we realize that would be even more demanding. Maybe with double to triple the performance of video cards a better job of rendering might be achievable.

AMD’s graphics cards are better than nVidia’s are for brute force computation. This gives the Radeon cards the upper hand with DX12 at the moment.

The improved engine would be excellent for a remastered version of the famous Crysis games. Crytek’s royalty rate is 5% which includes a rich open source development system. Steam is the biggest expense at 30% so a developer/publisher have lots of overhead.