I received a call from Microsoft today. A follow up message:

Thank you for taking my call today and for the time spent to clarify the issues you are encountering.  I will need to research your other cases and the account so I can provide the best possible resolution.  As soon as the research is complete, I will contact you again via email to provide an update on how we can move forward.

In short after being blindsided by Microsoft again, it is painfully obvious that things are going downhill fast.

The entire portfolio of websites are now showing 403 stopped errors after a week of showing error unable to connect to database.

I am hoping the people at Microsoft can figure it out but the loss of income will be hard to swallow as I am already down to living on potatoes and rice.

I have been working with Microsoft Azure support now for a week and so far nothing has changed. Things are actually getting worse. Some earlier calls from Microsoft were not easily understood as the person who was calling from Microsoft was not a native English speaker and the call quality was also poor.

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