Microsoft sent me a message:

     We can offer you a 1 time offer of 2500 USD to cover a large chunk of the bill.  If you accept I will send this off to my team and once it is complete can I archive this case?

This is very close to the amount of money that Azure secretly billed me. This all seems to stem from the attempt to have an account that is not banned from the MSFT forums. The new account was banned after 3 days so clearly vegan has become a dirty word with Microsoft.

The legal issues is that Azure started billing me without notice which is an example of an ambush. That is wrong in its most basic sense.

I also now realize I was mislead by Azure staff which is an even scarier proposition. Had I known what was going to happen…….

All because some moderator hates vegans.

Shortly after my account was banned I received a message from someone at Microsoft about “food politics”. Vegan is not policial, its economic and its ethical. It takes 16 lbs of feed to make one lb of meat. The hidden cost of 34.1 lbs of carbon dioxide is not well known, nor is the water cost of some 2000 gallons for each pound of meat.

This person as far as I am concerned represents Microsoft and he violated several laws in his campaign to discredit me. I stand by my position that Microsoft hates vegans. This person is also responsible for me losing my standing as MVP which is an even more serious liability.

There is still the issue of my credit woes. The loss of my eBay store. My primary email account is still banned from the Microsoft forums. These are tort that require remedy.

A tort consists of a wrongful acts or injury that lead to physical, emotional, or financial damage to a person in which another person could be held legally responsible. The two main subcategories of tort law are intentional torts and unintentional torts. The abuses I have experienced are clearly intentional tort.

I am continuing to maintain my demands as restitution is legally available. My account is still banned from Microsoft Forums and until that is rescinded the violations stands.

It’s hard to be a developer when resources are not available.

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