MSDN has now released Visual Studio 2019. The new development package is not far different from Visual Studio 2017.

The biggest change is the improved support for universal Windows applications and drivers. Microsoft uses this for interoperability with the Xbox One as well as for mobile devices.

Visual C++ now properly supports the new C++17 standard which makes it easier for developers who wish to take advantage of some of the new constructs. The ISO is working on the next version of C++ but that is still some time down the road so developers should be content with the current C++17.

The .NET platform is updated primarily with Windows 10 in mind. The new .NET Core 3 is the largest improvement.

Support for Python and other more exotic development requirements are also included.

The full install of the entire package can exceed 20GB so be sure there is enough room on the SSD. Visual Studio is much faster on a SSD as many components are loaded during a build.

C++17/20 SUPPORT

<variant> and <type_traits> are fixed. <ctime> is working properly now too. <locale> often uses <string> which makes it tricky for some implementations. <string> is used in so many places that its wise to include it in all projects that use <iostream> etc.

I found problem with std:bitset with very large sets where for some reason that data was reversed, so this now works properly. I discovered the bug with a prime number sieve.

std:hash is also working better, previously it was handy for random file names etc for data analysis etc.

std::list and std::unordered_map are fixed and work as expected

<charconv> is available to manage with casting for input and output