Another message from Microsoft today said:

    We will not be able to do a 100% refund,  I am offering you $2500 credit for the issue,  I also see you are able to access your email that you say is banned,  Can you provide a screenshot as to why you believe it is banned?  this link if for your Dev essentials and support options.

Given the ambush billing this is a clear example of the headaches I have endured. Back in 2015 when there was a problem with the Microsoft Store, the mess has still not been rectified.

I was able to download Visual Studio last night and my primary banned account is still accepted to activate it. I still cannot access any references or the forums thanks to that thieving moderator.

My primary account is also used to activate windows and for that reason I am stuck with a problematic situation. I stand by my claim of prejudice towards being a man who is vegan.

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