Cannot login to Steam with a phone or the browser or the client. Looks like the authentication server crashed.

Checking the inbox I noticed the authenticator was deactivated . A message saying my account was changed by (RU). The next message said the email address was changed.

The IP address is held by in St. Petersburg which has operations throughout eastern europe. The miscreant will be hard to track down.

This means somebody has managed to steal my account and my game library. How they got past the authenticator which was on my iPhone is another cause for concern.

Until I am able to get my account restored I am now thinking its time to secure my assets even more. I changed my email password even though it does not seem to be affected.

Steam has occasionally had issues. Given how rich they are I am surprised there is no redundant backups.

After a while the error of too many connections attempts. Freelancer is installed and its looking like it’s time to play the campaign again..

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