TSMC has finished the infrastructure design for the new 5nm process.

TSMC’s 5 nm process will leverage the company’s EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) technology (after it’s integrated in their 7 nm process first), allowing for improved yields and performance benefits.

According to TSMC, the 5 nm process will enable up to 1.8x the logic density of their 7 nm process, a 15% clock speed gain due to process improvements alone. TSMC will also be able to get more devices per wafer.

TSMC is now in risk production as they attempt to get the process ready for customers like Apple and NVIDIA etc.

TSMC has been successful with 7nm as the process yields brought them better than expected earnings. The company said that 7 nm already generated 10% of the company’s entire 2018 revenue, despite the process only having been ramped up in June.

Once the EUV equipment is installed TSMC should be able to ramp up production considerably.

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