Anyone who thinks that network neutrality exists is sadly mistaken. Copyright trolls have spent millions litigating and recently they won a few landmark decision that blows away any idea of network neutrality.

Recently T-Mobile says it has received a request to block 22 domains linked to alleged pirate sites. So much for being a dumb pipe.

While T-Mobile has already implemented the bans in Austria where the case originates, it has also written to regulators to have the restrictions checked for compatibility with net neutrality regulations.

Unlicensed streaming has been another issue. Some countries like the UK do not use ad supported stations like the US does. People pay a fair chunk of cash to watch television. Streaming services are far less expensive. Crackdowns on steaming is relentless.

In November 2017 the US Supreme Court ruled that The Pirate Bay and other “structurally-infringing” sites can indeed be blocked, if rights holders have exhausted all other options.

Until somebody clarifies the rules better, its going to be a long messy fight that will simply raise prices for everyone. The lawyers involved want their paychecks too.

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