Again Azure is stonewalling with their demands:

Below is the link for forums support  

Again we are offering you $2,500 to cover some of what is owed on your account aswell that has been denied by your bank, so that we can try to get everything back up and running.  Your dev essentials are set up but can not be used until the charges old and new have been paid,  We offer the $2500 to assist in this, but the rest would have to be paid, to reactivate services and have dev essentials work.  Please kindly know.

First off, being banned from Technet and MSDN means I cannot access any links or documents. All thanks to a moderator that does not like Vegans. Give the difficulty I am unable to see what the representative is trying to say. So I am simply of the position that they are indifferent to my situation.

My existing hotmail account will still activate products, like Windows, Office and Visual Studio but that is all. Anything else like training manuals, documents, blogs etc are unavailable.

So I have increased my position by offering to take the matter to a Justice of the Peace and open a criminal complaint. There is offence criminal mischief and predicate criminal fraud to answer for. The document is one page, I take it to the JP and then the cost will be 1000x more than the demands they want. If I am pushed to do this, then they are going to have to retain council and that is very expensive it the $2500 will look like chump change.

With my situation has bad as it is, to have Azure come and backstab me like that is example of corporate arrogance. Microsoft has to learn that many websites like us are micro businesses in the extreme.

What did you expect from a corporation?