I am unable to logon to my domain registry which I was using my facebook account to logon with. This means I am unable to move the domain here with WordPress.

I have contacted my registrar but so far nothing has changed. So I am not able to make changes. I may be forced to transfer to a new registrar if I cannot manage my DNS registry. now perpetually is pointing azure where it comes up as 403 stopped, absolutely useless and I have to pay for this?

It seems headaches are abundant as a webmaster. Anybody got any more Excedrin?

So having lost the site database to Azure, domain is gone south. What is not to like. Anybody got any more Excedrin?

So now this site is a blog.


Man, naked, walks up to a group of three teens who have been drinking beer, they say “wash day, nothing clean”, snapping his fingers.

Man says, “right, nothing clean”

Teen says, “I think this guy is a couple’a cans short of a 6-pack.”


One teen runs and leader pulls a knife and stabs the man screaming, “fuck you asshole”.

The man then rips the teens heart out with his bare hands. The knife falls to the ground.

The third teen is cornered by a security gate and gives up his clothes after watching his friend die a horrible death and the man turns towards him .

This is how I feel after being pushed against the wall.