After some confusion from an earlier message from MSI some media including Techpowerup and Forbes all posted that MSI was not intending to support AMD Zen 2 processors on existing B350 and X370 motherboards.

Today MSI posted a news release indicating that B350, X370, B450 and X470 motherboards will all be able to support Zen 2 processors.

MSI is presently testing their motherboards with samples of the Zen 2 processor before they release the new BIOS for their users. We expect the new BIOS will be released in 4-6 week as the Zen 2 launch nears.

There may be some issues with higher power processors which may exceed the design limits of some lower cost motherboards like the MSI B350M Bazooka I use.

Rather than a new processor, I am more interested in a better motherboard for my R5 2400G processor. After that I probably will look at what video cards are available later in 2019 or possible 2020.

Comparing RX 580 cards vs my GTX 1060 show they are about even in performance; game results vary but that is typical. The RX 590 is somewhat more powerful. The Vega 56 has much more performance but it is expensive. The GTX 2060 is more powerful but it also is more costly. There are still a lot of unsold Pascal and Polaris cards in inventory so prices are likely to be discounted more aggressively this coming fall.

DDR5 is still being developed so a better motherboard for the R5 2400G makes more sense to the minimal incremental cost.

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