Keeping up with an ever growing number of games has slowly filled a 4TB hard disk. Hard disks are inexpensive so its not a big problem to add another hard disk to the machine and change the default download area.

At present the 4TB disk has managed to handle the Steam games adequately. Additional 4TB disks are inexpensive at present which favors this capacity.

Steam can move games from hard disks to a the system SSD as desired subject to available space. Affordable SSD capacity has improved but 2TB models are still comparatively expensive. For that reason the Intel 660p NVMe 12GB SSE has only a few games on it.

Steam can be configured to download at night when the machines are not in use. This makes it a lot easier to have the full bandwidth available for daytime tasks. For a 9-5 type operation, Steam can download from 6:00 PM to 8:00 AM which is enough time to handle over 25GB of updates per diem.

Some new games are large enough to take more than a day to download. For that reason the scheduler can handle the queue and as games are ready screenshots can be made for the latest game review.

The new AMD R5 2400G rig has more cores and a faster video card than the old Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition. This affords more resources for video recording. Unfortunately Youtube has recently cut revenue for a lot of smaller operations which discourages video recording.

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