In the weeks leading up to the next semiannual release, many media portals are criticising Microsoft for some serious faults that have surfaced over the last 12 months or so.

Windows 10 version 1809 was delayed after it was discovered many upgrade scenarios were messy. We installed 1809 fresh from a USB stick on machines and it was not an issue, so it appears that the problems were with existing installations only. We tend to install Windows 10 clean many times over mostly due to the need for a reproducible scenario.

The main problem with 1809 was with users who had remapped files to OneDrive. This has to be reconfigured again if that feature is in use. Microsoft has been very zealous to push more Windows users into subscribing to Office 365.

The Meltdown and Spectre bugs took quite a while to figure out. After several BIOS updates and core system updates the early performance issues were largely fixed and machines were back to near normal.

While 99% of users are fine with Windows 10, the biggest problems are with corporate users. The next version of Windows will be able to roll back updates when it discovers there are issues. There will more options for users to delay updates.