It seems that I have tried to negotiate with Microsoft but it is slow to work it way up the food chain.

Back in 2015 the Microsoft Store Fiasco which is stored in the hostage held database of which continues to be a black hole.

My registrar continues to be broken so I cannot even recover the URL and move to a different server etc. Not sure why the host is broken but it could be due to a breakin where there was an attempt to steal money etc. There have been so many break ins with sites it is outright brutal. Even the credit reporting agencies have been broken into.

I have emailed MSFT business practices and everyone else who steps up from MSFT. The mess of the MSDN/Azure stunt has caused more damage than I may ever be able to recover from. The long term outlook is increasingly dismal.

The surprise billing came out of left field. So I am now effectively held captive under the gun of a large corporation. The first secret bill was issued on November 2, 2018 which when I started receiving messages from Microsoft over my account. This bill was never delivered to me so that is another problem that needs to be fixed.

So there was no notice of a change in status from free which was available to me for several years. This is definitely an intentional tort which will be bad for Microsoft in law.

I noticed a third bill issued long after the shutdown suggesting more of the same nonsense from Azure. To call it broken is an understatement. Now its up to $4722 which is more than I earn in 6 months. I wonder now what is coming next.

Hardcore Games has not ever earned much over time. The typical month saw maybe $3 on average. The rest of the sites are of no material consequence. Hardcore Games bounced around 10-12,000 page views per month with slow organic growth.

Given $3 per 10K page views suggests I need to have 10M to have $3,000 per month of income which is beyond my comprehension as a full time developer. Even 100,000 page views is a stretch.

Ad blocking has grown which is a real nightmare for websites galore. It seems that with the problems at MSFT it may force me to litigate if I cannot resolve the problems at hand. The way it is now, my content is now lost to a morass of unbounded corporate greed. Sounds like an episode for American Greed as seen on CNBC. I sent Azure another support request about the problem and perhaps somebody will fix it? I wish. If not I will take it to court and then the shit will really hit the fan.

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