Intel occasionally publishes some materials quarterly for the investment community.

Looking out a few years it reasonably for expecting that Intel will have some processors at 10nm but at present low end dual core units are the most likely until they can improve the design rules and probably get EUV hardware installed.

EUV is expected to be suitable for 12nm down to maybe 7nm based on Intel’s design rules. TSMC has been installing EUV to be able to get their new N7 line productivity up to shuff.

Intel is building a new line in their D1X facility but so far EUV has not been deeply considered. It’s more likely that Intel will try another route before resorting to EUV.

Intel has been working on their Foveros design which looks to use chiplets on a basic silicon substrate to handle interconnects.


Patent trolls are a nuisance and it seems that hardware from Sandy Bridge onward are being challenged. Foveros is also being challenged.

On May 14, 2012, a jury in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, returned a verdict finding that two patents held by PACT XPP were valid and were infringed by Xilinx and Avnet. Damages in the amount of $15,399,900.00 were awarded by a jury. Its likely it will be reduced on appeal.

If we find more problems I will post more later on.