Windows 10 version 1903 or code named 19H1 is now expected to be rolled out on update Tuesday in May 2019. Build 18362 is now available on MSDN so its fairly safe to say the public release will be on schedule.

This release will be called the Windows 10 April 2019 Update.

The delay is largely driven by the testing to avoid the headaches with 1809 when people who upgraded were not able to find files. A clean install of 1809 was problem free but it was several months before any updates were published for it.

One appreciated change is with the settings which will now show the account holders name and credentials. It has links to OneDrive, Phone, Updates and Rewards. The rewards are new which tentatively started with the Edge browser, Xbox and the Microsoft Store.

It is also easier to manage internet options for those who need to use a static address and/or DNS servers.

The reset option has been revamped and is clearer with choices.

The fonts settings now allows drag and drop, but the /windows/fonts folder is not hard to find and drop fonts there either.

There are lots of other updates but why spoil the fun of discovery.


Those with machines that have 32GB of storage are not going to be able to easily install 1903. Windows will now reserve 7GB for update uses looking forward.

Machines with 32GB of storage should be backup completely. Then install the new 1903 version clean which will reallocate the storage.

Tablets and low cost laptops tend to have a SD card slot which is a helpful asset. Installing one of them can be a blessing. Documents etc can be moved to another drive so the SD card can handle the downloads etc. This will get around the problems of no space on the system drive.


Microsoft is already pushing 20H1 out to insiders for development testing. Microsoft is expanding the time horizon for testing so that fisicos will be minimized.