For the first time since it was built, the R5 2400G box has crashed. The PSU had to be switched off and on to allow the machine to power up.

This has happen before with the Phenom II X4 965 BE rig. It seems that the machine fault is related possible to the ROM which was a bad call and cased the crash. The dump files and event viewer did not have anything of interest.

I have had to ride the reset button a few times so I speculate if this is just a new deeper crash. Windows 1809 is fairly stable but it seems that after a few days it needs to be restarted. The M.2 NVMe SSD makes reboots quick. The machine gets 1639 on Cinebench 20. Probably overclocking the RAM helps that a tad. A benchmark is a good way to check if a machine fault is actually present.

We have seen occasional forum threads for Cinebench. Now that it is more widely available it is likely to be a popular marketing tool for hardware vendors. The image that is rendered appears to be ray traced with a high level shader. provided the mesh for the benchmark to render with. It appears that Renderbaron is publishing his rendering portfolio in an effort to possibly find work in the entertainment industry.

nVidia RTX cards have a segment that targets ray tracing using a lower precision float format. The feature is more of a gimmick than the cards being materially faster.