For some reason the Asus PB287B monitor has not arrived. The tracking says it was delivered, but I am sill using the old monitor.

Purolator said it was left inside the door, but there is a receptionist at all times so they are mistaken. Delivery was at 1:37PM and I was there at that time and I can say there is no monitor and nobody else saw a delivery truck either.

Purolator game me a reference number for the exception and they are looking at the tracking GPS details.

I also contacted NewEgg who also granted step one for replacement. I gave them the reference number as well so that they would be aware of the problem. They asked me if I wanted a refund or replacement, I said I bought a monitor and I was expecting delivery.

So it now seems that I have paid for a 4K monitor but I do not have possession of it. So I thought I would post this so others in the same boat would be able to get remedy. The phone numbers are for Canada, US contact numbers are likely different.

  • Purolator 888-744-7123
  • NewEgg 800-390-1119

The problem now is very simple, where is my monitor?