After speaking on the phone to the local Purolator representative on Tuesday, it appears there is a possibility that somebody may have stolen the monitor under the nose of the desk clerk.

Later I spoke with the Purolator representative, in person, at the downtown office on Tuesday afternoon and evidently it was delivered to one of the side offices which is not always staffed. This person is not always present due to a lot of field work. So it may be some time before he surfaces to inquire as to the whereabouts of my panel.

The panel is not in the office anywhere and it is large enough to be very conspicuous. So I now have to await that person to surface to ask where did you put it. Hopefully it is safe as the cost of replacement is not exactly dirt cheap. 4K deep color computer panels are still rather expensive.

The cynic said, “pay for what you want and hope you get what you paid for”. Like the rolling Stones said, “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

God knows when I am going to get my panel. Maybe the drone delivery is not such a bad idea if it every gets off the ground.