Starbreeze has sold off its interest in Dhruva Interactive to Rockstar. The deal gives Starbreeze much-needed $ 7.9 million, just over SEK 75 million, and for the money, Rockstar receives almost 92 percent of the company’s shares. Dhruva says that the company’s more than 300 employees will join existing Rockstar India.

Dhruva was founded in 1997, and has contributed to games such as Payday 2 , Forza Horizon 3 , Sea of ​​Thieves and Halo 5 . Starbreeze bought just over 90 percent of the shares at the end of 2016 for $ 8.5 million.

Starbreeze has been divesting of assets in order to be able to avoid complete insolvency. Game development is expensive and sales are not a sure thing which makes it a risky business..