SSD prices for SATA products like the Kingston A400 120GB have fallen below $20 and the 240GB version has fallen below $30. NVMe SSD products have not fallen quite as badly.

Today the 512GB NVMe SSD we use with the R5 2400G box is very mainstream. Since we bought one for the build, the price has fallen by 20% in under 6 months.

Wth the trends apparent, moving to the 1TB or even the 2TB SSD is not as expensive as it once was.

Some motherboards have a single M.2 slot, so using a hard disk it is not hard to backup an existing SSD. Then a new larger one can be installed and personal files can be restored. If you unhide folders, and select all the folders under /users/me then yon unzip it back to an installed instance of windows easily. Then all documents, pics, videos and even more are all restored.