With over 2,000 posts that Azure continues to hold hostage the traffic was averaging 10-12,000 page views. Ad revenue was about $3 a month.

What is harder to figure out is exactly how many posts are needed to achieve 1 million page views per month. One of the more serious headwinds is that providers want ever more for services as the traffic grows which is a real headwind.

Most of the reviews held hostage are 50% game reviews the rest is various hardware. Most of the traffic was on game reviews. Hardware seems to be comparatively negligible representing less than 10% of traffic.

Hardware is as vast as games so it may require to be more comprehensive to be able to make hardware reviews more relevant. Some competitors have very long hardware reviews while this site is more terse due to the more to the point writing style.

With the explosion of free to play games on Steam there is hardly enough time to analyse them all. So the focus is more towards the most popular games.

With the current average page rank back down to 54 the damage done is extensive. This will cost Azure and Microsoft due to the harm. Before the surprise billing the average page rank was 5 so everything was visible to users on Google.

This biggest threat has been ad blocking which has hurt the revenue for millions of websites.