The ongoing fight against Huawei has seen ARM holdings stop doing business with them. But now TSMC has been in the news indicating they will continue to send semiconductors to them as usual.

The longer term impact for Huawei losing the ARM technology will force them to develop their own solution while being mindful of the patents.

Longer term there may be a bigger impact as TSMC is ramping up there new 7nm process and Huawei has already designed the processors. The effect will be longer term.

Generally US companies are lined up against Huawei for grievances galore. Trump has so far been the only president to step up and attempt to deal with the grievances. China has been unwilling to change its position.

Lenovo stated it can move production out of China if necessary. Lenovo has watched the situation carefully and they are considering their options closely.

The trade fight may expand which will make it more expensive for consumers looking forward. Stock traders are worried about an all out trade war.