PC Gaming in China has grown considerably. While most still use a laptop which has limited graphics capability, many are now realizing that a desktop rig can be affordable and yet much more powerful.

Japan is another big market that needs to be considered.

The PC gaming market in China is now over 300 million users. While most use laptops the growth in desktop machines is good news for gaming publishers. The scale of the market is almost unimaginable, its nearly the size of the entire US. Tablet use is widespread and as they improve in performance they also have become popular for gaming.

The trade dispute with the US and China is likely to be around for a while. Trump and US corporations dislike the political system in China which has become a new emperor with the changes the leader Xi Jinping has taken to solidify his position. Xi has not really done much untoward as he acts more like a corporate CEO than an emperor.

China’s giant state-owned enterprises control strategic industries such as energy, telecommunications and defense. Since those companies benefit from favorable policies and subsidies, foreign companies complain of an unfair advantage. China has been cautious as it modernizes its economy which is the safest course of action.

China has even gone as far as to bulldozer old soviet era housing in favor of larger homes. China has been building homes for all of the rural people with the goal to large scale industrial farming to ensure an adequate supply of food. Chinese construction companies are able to erect a building in 60-65 days so they are moving fast to provide the needed housing and other components of urban living.