Azure has enabled the website portfolio so immediately as backup I have exported all of the sites with All-in-One WP Migration. This program is free and it can copy the entire site including the database and the entire WordPress setup with images and systems files all ready for deployment on a new host or virtual machine.

This site was dependant on the domain so while the MySQL database has been exported entirely, the only way to get the gaming site is with FTP but that will not fix the underlying problem of the domain.

There is a plugin that can fix the URLs called Velvet Blue that is popular.

Once I get the problems fixed I am hoping to be able to recover from the disaster of Azure surprise billing.

At present this site has to make so pending repair of the Azure setup. I have been able to get FTP access so the entire site is all safe. A dump of the entire database is also available if needed to run a Linux virtual machine locally to be able to setup a running instance of WordPress.

Attempts to get the site back up on Azure seems to be impossible. It may be necessary to edit to MySQL database manually or otherwise take some more sophisticated steps.

I was hoping Azure would come to its senses and avoid litigation. Many years have gone into the site.