Given the cost of service with Azure and the abundance of refurbished Lenovo machines available, it make sense to have a static IP address and use Linux as a web host. An i5 processor is relatively powerful and it can run Linux easily.


There are lots of 120GB SSD drives in the junk box from upgrades so one of them can act for the operating system and maybe 100 websites or so before the 120GB SSD would run out of room. 240GB SATA SSD are very low cost which is another option.

Linux server is command line driven so the need for Putty is obviated to be able to open a remote session. The laptop can also be run from the keyboard and screen locally.

Hyper-V is one idea with Windows 10 but some older laptops may not work with it. If Hyper-V does not work there is always VirtualBox which does work better with some machines.

Linux natively in the laptop is probably the best idea as PUTTY can connect for remote command line and the site can be handled by any browser. Probably best to use a 250GB class SSD as this has room in spades for hosting images locally and even possibly some video.