Looking at the Steam Charts data, it is apparent that Rage 2 is well behind compared to the original game. Even with extensive media coverage the game has not earned as much as hoped for.

The game originally shipped with Denuvo but it was removed after 24 hours due to the complaints over the Bethesda version not using it. The Denuvo was quickly defeated in any case.

The game lacks coop or multiplayer which in this day and age is a real shortcoming. While many single player games are sill sold, the most popular genre seems to be multiplayer games.

The original Rage was offered regularly at $5 some 18 months after it was released which went far to increase overall sales. By now more than 1 million copies have been sold for the original Rage given the frequent sales.

I check the Steam stats and the old standards are still holding on to their respective positions. Rage 2 has not made the top 100 chart.

I played the original Rage and completed it and it was excellent. Rage 2 looks to be too much of the same old game to be of interest to the wealthier crowd. It looks like Rage 2 will be in the discount bin soon where bargain hunters are waiting in large numbers.


Many other games like Crysis 3 also come up short of the cost of development. This is a risk that many studios have to endure.

Telltale Games almost folded when they laid off most of their staff. Many of the games were abandoned and the hope for the Walking Dead did not achieve the results they were counting on.

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