nVidia is apparently moving their upcoming 7nm Ampere products over to Samsung who has offered much assistance in addition to lower costs compared to TSMC. Samsung has been aggressively making moves to become the largest foundry in the world. They already are the largest maker of RAM memory but they also make NAND flash and other devices.

The RAM in the R5 2400G box is all made by Hynix which competes with Samsung for DDR4 memory. The RAM in the Lenovo x230 is made by Micron. nVidia has contracted Samsung for manufacturing the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti cards so there is already an existing relationship.

There is a lot of speculation on Twitter and Facebook etc about what nVidia will offer this fall. Most believe another rehash of 12nm is likely with the move to GDDR6 to improve memory bandwidth.