One feature in Windows 8 and above are live tiles. Microsoft is now looking to remove live tiles from the Start menu in favor of lists of recently used and documents etc.

Windows 10 can be setup to look like Windows 8 with the full screen of tiles. This makes sense for touch screen systems and it is also works fine with a mouse. This is an alternative mode for Start that can be activated in the personalization section of settings.

The conventional Start is being changed to show more recent apps and documents in an effort to improve productivity. The Window 8 Metro UI can have documents as well as apps pinned as desired. There is no restriction so frequently used spreadsheets or folders can be place on the start screen to speed up work easily. Microsoft is thinking that most do not use the Windows 8 Metro UI which is more productive once it’s understood.

Given the late delivery of 1903, expectations for 1909 are now speculating the next version will be nominally a service pack not unlike those seen for earlier versions of Windows. Right now Microsoft is pushing version 2003 which is not expected to be delivered until 2020 so more justification for a service pack update seem likely.